Far Cry 3

  • $8.60

Fight for your life on a lawless island and save your friends from certain death in Far Cry 3. Far Cry 3 will put the battle skills of old fans and new gamers to the test. You'll find yourself trapped in a chaotic world where you are forced to fight, and you'll soon encounter an unforgettable survival adventure. Far Cry 3 is an open world experience told from the first person perspective. It is an action-adventure video game, forcing you to survive after a vacation goes awry. You play as Jason Brody, who must rescue his friends from pirates and survive against the deranged locals. His experience on the island hardens him, making this a game that pushes the player to comprehend what it means to fight and survive. Using typical elements from role-playing games, you'll improve Jason's abilities through the use of experience points and skill trees. There is also a crafting mode available for those who prefer a more hands-on experience. This lets you upgrade and enhance your equipment much like in other action survival games. These upgrades include silencers, larger magazines, and weapon sight improvement. As a first-person shooter game, Far Cry 3 lets you make use of the environment to survive. You can hide behind cover, attack from stealth, and perform a variety of melee attacks on your enemies. You can also tag enemies that leave your line of sight, letting you keep track of their movements. Far Cry 3  offers a series of missions for you to complete to gain experience and earn new items. More missions in the game unlock as you clear out areas, including side hunting quests and clearing outposts. Jason's skills can be improved in three different trees called the Spider, the Heron, and the Shark. The Spider improves stealth and hunting while the Heron upgrades long-range weapons and durability. The Shark abilities involve assaults and health improvements. The further you go in each skill tree, the more Jason's appearance changes to fit. Players must fight their way to safety, and Far Cry 3 provides excellent tools to get the job done. Besides the standard handgun, you can also fight with shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and explosives. You must make good use of your arsenal in order to survive. This game allows for a wide assortment of battle tactics, so you can mix and match to your heart's content to get through scenarios and environments. There are multiple endings available based on decisions you make throughout the story.