Murakumo: Renegade Mech Pursuit

  • $12.75

Murakumo is a futuristic action game starring armored bipedal robots with the ability to fly. Players can freely move their robot around a 3D city called Oliver Port to stop other models (known as A.R.K., or Artificial Reflexive Kineticoids) from harassing the population. It is unknown why the typically stable machines are suddenly malfunctioning since they were originally designed to help mankind maintain peace throughout the land. Now they are a threat. Could this be part of some diabolical plot to overtake the city?

As part of a special service team financed by the corporation that designed the robots, players must search the city on the ground and in the air until they find their target(s). A number of explosive weapons can be used to neutralize the enemy, but players need to be wary of surrounding buildings and objects. Contact with structures results in damage to the armor and can eventually lead to pieces flying off. The action is divided into a series of missions, where players have the opportunity to select from a total of six A.R.K. models before attempting to complete their objectives.

Murakumo's gameplay involves selecting a mission, choosing which of the available A.R.K.s to pilot, and then viewing data such as target information, pictures of the vicinity, and other pertinent information. After looking at the A.R.K.'s equipped payload and making a final assessment before going into battle, players can finally embark on the mission, which involves hunting down the specific threat as well as its support. Once the objective is complete, players will receive an evaluation based on completion time, amount of damage received, number of collisions suffered, average speed, and defeated enemies.

Players can save recorded replays after each mission as well as their progress. Modes of play include Scenario, a series of missions following a narrative; Free Mission, which lets players revisit any of the completed missions in Scenario; and Expert Mission, which opens up once players have satisfied certain parameters in Scenario. Options include the ability to reassign controller functions, configure cockpit displays, and individual toggles for vibration and captions during cut-scenes. A separate database also exists for players to learn more about the world of Murakumo.