Capcom vs SNK 2

  • $62.10

The sequel to the breakthrough crossover fighter, Capcom vs. SNK 2 brings together over 40 different characters from the companies most beloved franchises. Long-forgotten brawlers like Eagle, a British fighter from the original Street Fighter, and the ever-popular Haohmaru of Samurai Shodown fame, make much-welcomed returns to the fighting arena. The four-button scheme of the original has been replaced by the traditional six-button control arrangement, and four grooves have been added, bringing the total to six.

The six different grooves represent a particular style of fighting and add or remove the ability to block in midair, and counter and parry (among others). Given the ability to customize their own groove, players can apply all of the elements to their fighter, as long as their assigned point value remains under a preset limit. A variety of special meters, such as the Samurai Shodown "Rage Meter," are available, as well as the standard three-level Capcom meter. 

As before, ratios provide a limited amount of customization, allowing players to choose among a single powerful fighter, up to three fighters, or any combination in between. Additionally, certain characters have been given new moves, while others have lost some. Standard genre modes such as Survival and Versus are available, and the Color Edit mode allows players to create a custom palette for their favorite combatants. Full 3D backgrounds contain references to many of Capcom and SNK's past and present titles.