Crash Tag Team Racing

  • $14.75

Crash Bandicoot returns with a bang in this 2005 Vivendi Universal release for the Sony PlayStation 2. "Crash: Tag Team Racing" is the third kart racing title to feature Crash Bandicoot, after "Crash Team Racing" and "Crash Nitro Kart." It adds a twist to previous games in the series. It gives you the brand new ability to merge two vehicles into a weapon-wielding supercar bursting with technology. One player fires the weapon and the other drives, adding to the vehicular mayhem. With the ability to merge vehicles, this is one of the more manic games for the PS2. In "Crash: Tag Team Racing," Crash Bandicoot must visit Motorworld, an incredibly dangerous racing theme park created by the German cyborg Ebenezer Von Clutch. After Von Clutch's Power Gems were stolen, he sets up a special event to lure Crash and others to Motorworld. Anyone who finds the missing gems will win the ownership of the theme park. Tasked with finding the Power Gems of MotorWorld, along with Ebenezer Von Clutch's Black Heart, Crash must compete in races and mini-games to open up all five areas of the park and ultimately reveal the mystery of who stole Von Clutch's Power Gems. But he will need the help of his friends to discover the perpetrator."Crash: Tag Team Racing" features a diverse mix of eight playable characters, including Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot, Doctor Neo Cortex, and many more. All the characters have their own unique rotating weapons and turrets, such as Coco Bandicoot's lightning gun or Dr. Neo Cortex's chargeable energy ball. In addition, players can also acquire an assortment of power-ups, like a chicken bomb, a rocket boost, or a dynamite-strapped monkey, by driving through the brightly colored icons on the track. Each weapon provides maximum mayhem and chaos on the racetrack. The big feature of this game is the story-driven adventure mode. This mode involves lots of high-intensity racing, of course. But between races, players can continue the action out of the car where they will explore the entire world on foot, overcoming obstacles, discovering new items, collecting coins, and fighting enemies similar to a traditional Crash game. The open world format encourages exploration. There are lots of race gates to find hidden around the world, which unlock new race tracks, battle arenas, driving mini-games, and upgrades to the cars. Use the in-game money to buy even more items and rewards or unlock humorous cut scenes, called Die-O-Ramas, in which Crash is killed in various cartoonish ways. The game is bursting with new content and different types of play modes. Take a break from the main adventure and play the stunt mode and target shooting or hone your abilities by practicing in the time trial mode. The game also features a local multiplayer mode. Compete against your friends on the racetrack or duke it out in the frenetic battle mode. "Crash: Tag Team Racing" blends kart racing, platforming, and vehicular combat in a zany action game for the Sony PlayStation 2