Cy Girls

  • $20.90

The ingredients in this recipe for gaming adventure include computer espionage, information terrorism, and martial arts, combined with equal parts heavy artillery and hand-to-hand combat. The result is Cy Girls, a third-person action-adventure based on the popular Japanese action figures made by Takara.

Players may assume the role of either Cy Girl, Ice or Aska, both talented in very different, though extremely deadly forms of contact. Ice is a master of firearms and projectile weapons, while Aska prefers the more subtle, though effective approach of the martial arts.

Together, Ice and Aska must travel the globe, from South America to the Far East, in an effort to stop a computer wizard from taking planet Earth hostage. Both girls are good with computers too -- in fact, they are capable hackers and must use these skills periodically, entering the virtual world to locate clues, download new skills, and even engage adversaries in computer-generated battlegrounds where the laws of physics don't apply.