Dick Tracy

  • $8.60

Based on the 1990 film starring Warren Beatty, Madonna, Al Pacino, and a host of other famous actors, Dick Tracy puts you in the title role of Chester Gould's venerable comic strip creation. Mob boss Big Boy Caprice is running criminal rackets all over town and it's up to you to bring him and his lackeys down. 

After gathering clues and finding out where you need to go, you must hit the streets in your squad car. While on the road, snipers will come at you from all sides. You can try to outrun them or you can jump out of your car and pick them off one at a time. Cars will also be on your tail. Once you enter a building, the game switches to a side-view, platform contest where you must punch or shoot a constant onslaught of thugs. Don't shoot an unarmed thug, though, or you'll lose a portion of your health. To aid you in your job, you are supplied with a notebook for keeping track of clues and a folder containing mug shots of criminals from your rogues gallery. You've also got your fists, a gun, and a talent for squeezing information out of people through interrogation. Within the 9 levels of play, you can find additional weaponry such as a tommy gun and some tear gas.