Double Dragon II: The Revenge

  • $15.75

While many fighting games have you rescuing kidnap victims, "Double Dragon II" discovers what happens when the would-be kidnap victim is killed. Now Billy Lee and Jimmy Lee have to fight their way through nine missions to defeat the Shadow Warriors and avenge Marian's death. With multiple difficulty modes and cooperative gameplay, playing characters who are getting revenge is a lot of fun. This is a classic action-based Nintendo Entertainment System release."Double Dragon II" for the Nintendo system is quite different from the arcade game that shares its name. Developer Technos Japan made this game with the intention of having it play to the strengths of the Nintendo system. The NES version of the game features nine levels and uses enemies that are different from the ones appearing in the arcade version, with most of them also being different from the first game. What the two versions have in common is the control scheme, the main characters, and the plot. Even if you've played the original Japanese arcade release, the NES one is worth playing. The control scheme in "Double Dragon II" has been completely overhauled. Where your character punches and kicks is dependent on where your character is standing. For example, when your character is facing the right, one button punches forward while the other kicks back. If your character faces the other way, these attacks are reversed. Once you master these fighting skills, you are able to effectively get revenge on any enemy that comes your way. In addition, there are special moves you can perform by pressing a combination of buttons. For example, press both buttons simultaneously during a fight to pull off a spinning cyclone kick. This powerful attack decimates foes on either side of you. This sequel features graphics that have been improved since the first game. The character sprites are larger and more colorful. "Double Dragon II" has increased speed up ability, and the vividly colored backgrounds feature more details. This remains the case even when playing in two-player mode. There is also very little text that appears in the game. Most of the time there is just a line of dialogue between stages, allowing you to simply play. The game features three different difficulty modes, ranging from Practice to Supreme Master. The difficulty level you select impacts the amount of health your enemies have. It also impacts just how much of the game you play. For example, setting the difficulty on Practice mode allows you to play through the first three stages. Meanwhile, starting on the Supreme Master setting lets you play through all levels of the game. "Double Dragon II" remains an enjoyable game. Whether playing solo or with a friend, have a blast getting revenge against the enemy. This title is a classic in the eyes of many gamers, and after one playthrough, it's likely you'll feel the same.