Dragon Ball Z Infinite World

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PlayStation 2 owners can enjoy a good round of action and powering up in "Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World." The game features many well-known scenes from the TV series that were not added in any of the other previously released versions. Aside from showcasing their adept fighting skills, players get to take part in various missions that force them to strategize and think fast if they want to be victorious."Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World" is a fighting video game by Atari and Bandai for the PlayStation 2. Released in 2008, this game, which was based on the smash hit "Dragon Ball" anime and manga series, lets you square off against 42 characters, including Goku, in a traditional fight game style of combat. You can battle another player in versus mode or go head to head with the AI in the game itself. Fans of the show and manga, as well as fans of fighting games in general, will be glad to see the features and fun of the Budokai series return in "Infinite World."Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World" lets you explore the stories of GT, Majin Bu, and the Saiyans. There are well over a dozen cast members you can play as and fight against in dramatic moments taken straight from the show and the manga universe. "Infinite World" also includes transformations from the anime and movies. The story path in the game is called Dragon Mission, which is a linear sequence of events on a map that has different mission objectives. The player's avatar on the map is Goku, who you'll control as you navigate between the different tasks available to you. You can stay in the Dragon Mission story path, which provides over 100 challenging missions for seemingly endless gameplay, or go on to explore another mode that goes deeper into the story. Other missions include races, timed button sequences, and first-person shooter sections. This Dragon Ball Z game utilizes the best features of the previous Budokai games while creating a wholly new experience. Players can earn customization items as they progress through the main mode to fully immerse and innovate their "Infinite World" experience. You can use skill capsules to give your characters new and different abilities and special techniques to help survive the challenges ahead. These capsules are available for purchase in the game with the Zeni currency, which returns from the Budokai games. The more skill capsules you have, the stronger you are and the more powerful their effects will become."Dragon Ball Z: Infinite World" uses the full abilities of the PS2 and pushes them to the limit. The graphics are rich, colorful, and lively with an easy-to-understand display both in battles and in the mini-games. Dragon Ball Z fans will have no trouble finding hours to kill while spending time with their favorite Dragon Ball characters that have their own special skills, styles, and abilities in combat.