Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King

  • $15.75

Brace yourself for the RPG adventure of a lifetime with "Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King." This game was originally released in Japan in 2004. The North American release for the PlayStation 2 took place in 2005. Previously known as Dragon Warrior in the U.S., Square Enix changed the name to Dragon Quest to match the name in Japan for the American PS2 release. This continuation of the popular saga focuses on a court jester who turns peasants into thorns and nobles into animals. Players control a castle guard who must recruit allies who haven't been affected by the curse of the jester. Dragon Ball Z fans notice that the characters and enemies in the game look familiar. That's because every creature in Journey of the Cursed King was created by Akira Toriyama of Final Fantasy fame. This respected Japanese artist worked hand-in-hand with Square Enix to bring this game to life. In addition to the story quests, "Journey of the Cursed King" features a number of optional quests. Similar to the Final Fantasy games, each optional quest extends the life of the game by a significant amount. It takes the average gamer over 100 hours to see and do everything in this PlayStation 2 title. The player encounters random battles during gameplay, and like other Dragon Quest titles, "Journey of the Cursed King" features turn-based combat. Select the actions of your characters and watch them play out on screen. The monsters attack during your turn as well. This combat system is slower-paced but allows for a great deal of strategy. Players have the chance to raise the statistics of their characters to battle fiercer foes. Players can also customize members of their party, having them specialize in combat, healing, magic, or other essential skills. The graphics in this 3D Dragon Quest game are cel-shaded, emulating the look of an animated cartoon. Even the environments in the game, such as the dungeon, are full of life. "Dragon Quest VIII" features a minimal amount of slowdown and almost no flickering. "Dragon Quest VIII" also sports an impressive draw distance, letting you see far into the horizon. "Dragon Quest VIII" supports widescreen televisions, a quality that wasn't common at the time of its release. The Dragon Quest series has always been known for its fantastic music, and "Dragon Quest VIII" is no different. Square Enix has packed "Dragon Quest VIII" full of memorable tunes that thrill for hours. Composed and conducted by Koichi Sugiyama, who composed the tracks for the previous Dragon Quest games, all of "Journey of the Cursed King's" compositions are performed by Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. Intended for players over the age of 13, "Dragon Quest VIII" for PS2 is rated T by the ESRB. If you're on the search for the ultimate RPG gaming experience for the PS2, this is it. At over 100 hours of gameplay, you get more than your money's worth of action. "Dragon Quest VIII" is a must-own game for any PlayStation library.