Family Feud SNES

Family Feud

  • $5.45

America's favorite game of survey questions and family rivalry returns in this Super NES adaptation. Two families of five members each compete to answer such questions as "name something that can give you blisters." If your answer was one of the top responses from the survey of 100 people, then you earn the right to continue the category or pass it to the other family. If you don't sweep the category, watch out -- the rival family can steal your jackpot away if they know the answer.

All of the show's sound effects have been recreated as well as the cross stitching of the family names behind the booths. Ray Combs reprises his role as host and the optional Bullseye round makes an appearance, challenging each family member to come up with only the number one answers for money. With over 4,000 questions included, as well as returning families via password, perhaps the only feud your family will have is who gets to play first!