Fighting Force [Greatest Hits]

  • $18.90

Remember older, more nostalgic days of gaming with hours of exhilarating combat when you pick up a copy of Fighting Force for the PlayStation, which had an original release date in 1997. This installment in the annals of great beat 'em ups provides hours of bone-breaking fun for fans of the fighting genre of games. The Fighting Force's city is under siege. The villainous Dr. Zeng, leading an army of punks, gang members, and military personnel, has finally crossed the line and attempted to take full control of their home. The action-packed battle to take back the city crisscrosses urban landscapes before leading to more exotic locales. Only the Fighting Force can stop Dr. Zeng. Luckily, they have the skills and weapons they need to get the job done. Switch from a blazing flamethrower to a deadly grenade while clearing the streets of dangerous thugs and lead pipe-wielding gang members. Your choices in weapon are widespread as you pick up dropped weapons from foes as they fall before you. Jump kicks, high-speed punches, and brute strength keep the Fighting Force moving through seven 3-D areas that range through 20 levels of single or two-player battles. Join the Fighting Force as Hawk, Mace, Ben, or Alana, and use each character's special moves to devastate the enemies. Hawk and Ben are big, muscle-bound brutes whose physical strength is matched only by their hatred of Dr. Zeng. Mace and Alana, meanwhile, are fast, versatile warriors who can decimate the enemy with jump kicks. All four playable characters possess special moves that can be performed at the cost of a small amount of health. Knowing when to use the skills is just as important as knowing how in order to save your strength for the most intense parts of the battle. The game lets you jump from the rooftops, toss a car engine at a foe, or use a shotgun in defense to clean the streets of bad guys while learning each player's individual strengths. Take the battle from the office buildings to an island headquarters with the Fighting Force. There is no move too brutal to perform to beat your foes.