Frogger: the Great Quest

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In sharp contrast to its forebears, Frogger: The Great Quest, a 3D action-adventure title, is a distinct departure from the 2D twitch-oriented gameplay that made the series famous. Having grown tired of life in Firefly Swamp, a bipedal Frogger sets out to find the girl of his dreams, who, in true fairy-tale tradition, just so happens to be a princess. With the hope that her kiss will be able to turn him into a prince, Frogger embarks on his perilous quest with the aid of his Fairy Frogmother, who grants him three gifts. Standing between the lovesick frog and eternal happiness is a cast of villainous characters and 20 levels of treacherous terrain ranging from desert wastelands to swampy towns.

Starting out, Frogger has the ability to spit wads of goo out of his mouth and glide for short distances by puffing up his throat. However, treasure in the form of magic stones can be collected in the game's many stages, which in turn can be traded for new skills and abilities. Frogger can also pick up coins and gems for use in purchasing hints, tips, and character bios.

During the course of his journey, Frogger will encounter a host of kooky characters, both friend, and foe with names like Dusty the Bone Dog, Slick Willy, and Stripe. Humor-filled cut-scenes interspersed between levels help the whimsical story unfold.