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Marvel's muscle-bound monstrosity stars in his first console game since 1997, this time based on locales and characters from Ang Lee's 2003 feature film rather than the comic book series. Playing the role of Bruce Banner and his infuriated inner identity, players must fight a number of mutant enemies, avoid military pursuers, and smash through a variety of interactive objects while navigating the 3D world. Making cameos are Bruce Banner's father and girlfriend, played respectively by Nick Nolte and Jennifer Connelly in the summer movie.

Taking place after the events chronicled in the feature film, players will be able to control both Bruce Banner and the Hulk while advancing through fully destructible environments. The Hulk can use whatever he rips out of the world as a weapon as well as unleash 45 distinct attacks that take advantage of his superior rage-powered strength. The original story finds Bruce Banner duped by mentor Professor Crawford into releasing the essence of the Hulk into an orb. It seems the villain known as the Leader plans on replicating the power to create an army of gamma creatures in his ongoing bid for world conquest.

To stop the Leader and his diabolical plan, players will venture through San Francisco, battle on Alcatraz, and eventually confront the Leader in his Arctic city named Freehold. As Bruce Banner, players must use stealth and puzzle-solving skills to complete mission objectives while carefully keeping his anger in check. As the Hulk, players can bash up to ten foes at once en route to five boss encounters, some of which are taken from the superhero's comic book past. Each of the game's 25 levels features such details as cars crumpling, glass shattering, and pipes rolling along the ground amidst the mayhem.