James Cameron's Dark Angel

  • $6.60

Take the role of the beautiful, dangerous, genetically enhanced Max to serve a little justice to a forlorn, near-future world in James Cameron's Dark Angel. As in the speculative fiction action series on which the game is based (and which was dropped from Fox's Friday night lineup a season before the game's release), players enter a post-apocalyptic Seattle, WA, where high-tech science fiction gadgetry is juxtaposed with sordid, urban desperation. 

Trusting few aside from her computer-genius companion Logan, Max must challenge the cruelly mercenary Manticore group to save other "super soldiers" who, like her, were engineered to be soulless, military machines. The action takes place through a variety of environments that will put Max's enhanced speed, strength, and agility to the test. Dark Angel features the voices of Jessica Alba and Michael Weatherly, the actors who portray Max and Logan on the television show.