Little King's Story

  • $16.90

Little King's Story tells the tale of an unremarkable young boy named Corobo, who becomes the King of Alpoko after stumbling upon a magical crown in the forest. Players guide this mini monarch on a series of quests to grow his tiny hamlet into a mighty kingdom, conquering neighboring lands and ousting their quirky yet belligerent royalty. But he can't reach his goal of world domination alone, and there are many dangerous umas (unidentified mysterious animals) in the wilderness, so he must use his powers of persuasion to recruit his subjects into a variety of helpful jobs.

Each villager has a unique personality with strong opinions, but all the citizens of Alpoko can be persuaded to dig for treasure, breakthrough environmental obstacles, plow fields, build new structures, or head off into battle. However, citizens expect reciprocity, and performing sub-quests for them serves both as a means to foster goodwill and as a way to accumulate the currency needed for expansion. Battles take place in real-time, with the King guiding subjects into the action through a series of commands, but though Corobo is a fighter, he is also a lover, and players must help him find the perfect female companion as he travels across the land rescuing a variety of princesses.