Lock 'n' Chase

  • $9.60

Lock 'N Chase is a maze game similar to Pac-Man, but instead of ghosts following you through the corridors and alleyways, cops are on your tail, and instead of eating dots, you gather up coins. Why coins, you ask? Because you are a thief trying to pull off an elaborate diamond heist. Your ultimate goal is to steal the African Star Diamond, which you won't reach until the end of the sixth and final level.

Another difference between this game and Pac-Man is the addition of the ability to place temporary locks in the mazes to block some of your enemies. Also, instead of the power pills, you can eat in Pac-Man to temporarily turn the tables on your enemies, the mazes in Lock 'N Chase have diamonds and magic bags which turn you invincible and freeze the cops.

At the end of each stage, you can play the bonus round slot machine, which will win you an extra life if you match all three icons pictured in the display. For every diamond you picked up in the just-completed maze, you will be able to play the slot machine one time.