Maximo vs Army of Zin

  • $25.20

The sequel to Maximo: From Ghosts to Glory, which was loosely based on the classic Ghosts 'n Goblins series, Maximo vs Army of Zin puts players in the role of Maximo, a master swordsman with a penchant for battling undead creatures. The action picks up where Ghosts to Glory left off, as the title hero must abandon his kingdom in order to search for his missing girlfriend. The developers at Capcom promise a more engrossing story this time around and have removed the hub screen, meaning each level flows into the next. There are 26 levels in all spread across six different environments. 

As in earlier games in the series, Maximo wears boxer shorts beneath his armor. However, the underwear in this game actually serves a functional purpose beyond comic relief. Depending on the situation, players will be able to swap out different pairs of shorts for strategic purposes. Many of the staples of Ghosts to Glory have returned (such as hidden treasure chests), but there will be less platform jumping, more attack moves (over 30 in all), and a combat system that rewards players for dispatching enemies quickly and efficiently. Also, to make Maximo temporarily invulnerable, he will occasionally be able to transform into his buddy, the Grim Reaper.

Those who found the original Ghosts to Glory to be prohibitively difficult will notice a few changes designed to make the game less frustrating. The biggest concession is that players are now allowed to keep all the weapons they have obtained. No longer will players build up their inventory, only to watch most of their items disappear after they die. Ironically, though there are still elements of humor, Army of Zin is darker and less cartoon-like than Ghosts to Glory.