Mechwarrior 2

  • $10.60

MechWarrior 2 gives you the chance to participate in the Clan Refusal War, a bloody civil war between the Clans that occurs after the Battle of Tukayyid. The Crusaders, led by Clan Jade Falcon, seek to launch another attack into the Inner Sphere. The Warden faction, led by Clan Wolf, believe that coexistence with the Inner Sphere is the best choice. The war will ultimately dictate which faction dominates the Clans.

You can play as either a Clan Jade Falcon or Clan Wolf MechWarrior and command a range of mechs ranging from light scout to heavy 100-ton assault mechs. Before missions, each player can select one or more mechs for his or her unit as well as customize equipment and weaponry. Although there is no restriction to stop you from taking the maximum number and tonnage complement, the Clans reward players who take fewer mechs or less tonnage than allowed.

The game's 3D world is viewed from a first-person perspective. Mission objectives must be completed while evading or destroying enemy mechs. During missions, each player must manage their mechs' heat level and ammunition, as well as command the CPU-controlled friendly mechs to organize a strategy. Missions end in failure if the objective is lost or if mechs are destroyed through damage or overheating.