Mini Ninjas PS3

Mini Ninjas

  • $14.75

Colorful and cartoonish, Mini Ninjas aims to provide super-powered ninja action with a noble, adventuresome storyline, but without any graphic violence over-the-top adversity. Players follow the tale of the smallest ninja, Hiro, who faces an army of monsters that were created by corrupting innocent forest creatures. The game plays out in third-person, 3D hack-and-slash combat, infused with a variety of special abilities, including exploding fireworks that fall from above, and the power to slow the action around the little ninja hero down, allowing him to execute multiple attacks at relative lightning speed. When an enemy is defeated, it reverts to its original animal state, cute, cuddly, and grateful to be back in its proper form. Other action sequences have Hiro exploring new areas and interacting with his surroundings in set-piece environmental puzzles. End-boss battles also make use of system-specific control schemes, with events designed to call for quick thinking and fast fingers.