Missile Command

Missile Command

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Prepare for launch! Prepare for defense! Prepare for your potential battle of a lifetime!

Welcome to Missile Command from Meyer Glass and Hasbro Interactive. The world needs a Missile Commander and you are the only hope in warding off the alien invasion.

You can fight the war of survival in several ways. There is the Classic game mode where you'll relive the madness from the original Missile Command, or you can play the new Ultimate game mode where the action is fully 3D. In the Classic mode, you either combat the aliens on your own or you can play with or against your friends for the battle of supremacy. Ultimate mode provides you with a full-fledged adventure to participate in. You will have to defend cities all around the world in succession, as the assault is not going to stop anytime soon! You will also have to face giant motherships that have weak points for you to expose and exploit.

When fighting, you will have several means of attack and defense to use to your advantage. Be in command of three ships directly in front of you as each one will fire missiles at the incoming alien missiles and ships. Also, special weapons will be accessible such as BI and TRI missiles, shields and smart bombs. Use these in defending yourself under harsh circumstances while lashing out at large motherships.

The aliens have arrived all over the world from Europe to Antarctica, and they are bombarding with repetition. Only your team of Missile Commanders can stop this catastrophic emergency from happening!