Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles

  • $5.45

Taking characters, enemies, locations, and moves directly from the series, Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles gives gamers the chance to take the role of Naruto, a young ninja-in-training. Players navigate Naruto through such environments as Hidden Leaf Village to face and defeat the evil threatening Naruto's hometown. Gamers may defeat enemies with close-range combos and attacks, or with long-range weapons including shuriken and explosive cards, and by charging the power meter, players can unlock such special moves as Kagebunshin no Jutsu and Rasengan. Defeating a pre-determined amount of enemies launches the protagonist into a violent "berserker" mode, and allows Naruto to execute deadlier attacks. Gamers may upgrade their character by selecting from a variety of different skill cards that increase power, moves, and life. Other avatars including Sasuke, Neji, and Chouji fight alongside Naruto from time to time, and when the spirit meter is full, players may switch between members in the group until the spirit level is back at zero.