Naruto Uzumaki Chronicles 2

  • $8.60

Hidden Leaf Village is under attack from an evil presence long forgotten: the Shirogane Clan and its legion of puppet walkers. Naruto must unite friends and foes alike to combat this new enemy, one threatening to conquer all nearby villages and ninja clans by unleashing a mechanical monstrosity upon the world. This sequel to 2006's Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles features classic beat-'em-up action across 3D environments. Among the playable characters are Naruto, Shikamaru, Rock Lee, Kakashi, Guy, Neij, and Choji. Players can also team up with a friend for cooperative adventuring. Located throughout the anime-style locales are more than 30 items to use against enemies, along with each character's skills in melee combat and in using projectiles. 

Game types include Story Mode, Head-to-Head, Mission Mode, and Survival Mode. The story option is the game's primary focus, where players can customize each character's speed, strength, stamina, and special attacks by using chips, plates, and cash found in ten stages of ninja-battling action. Players are also able to freely switch between multiple characters to take advantage of their special abilities. The head-to-head option pits two players against one another, while the mission mode offers a series of side quests with specific objectives to complete. Survival mode involves defeating waves of enemies for as long as possible. Those who successfully complete this mode will unlock a bonus chapter of the story.