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Do you like to race cars? Ever feel the need for speed? If you answered yes to the above questions, NASCAR 2000 by EA Sports fulfills that need! By taking on the personalities of one of over forty real-life NASCAR drives, you'll become what you've always wanted to be -- a racecar driver. But if you'd rather create your own driving persona, that's cool too. Players are given an option to create their likeness in the Create-A-Driver mode; choose any car and modifications you'd like and you're ready to go!

Players are presented with a few different gameplay options including the Single Race, Versus (two-player competition), and Championship Season modes. The Championship mode is a full season of racing with the objective being to win as many races as possible while collecting more points than anyone. Players are able to go the Championship alone or with a second player.

Additionally, players are given an opportunity to race in a one-on-one match-up with the famous Kyle Petty. There are ten different tracks to race him on, each spanning his career. This is the ultimate test of skill; if you can beat Kyle Petty, then you can probably beat anyone!

NASCAR 2000 features eighteen realistically designed tracks modeled after real locations. You'll journey from Atlanta and Charlotte to the Homestead-Miami Speedway. EA Sports has also included five custom-made fantasy tracks.

Because the title comes with a variety of difficulty settings, you'll have to choose wisely. As you're getting used to the control setup and learning track layouts, there's a good chance you'll be getting lapped by the opposition. Not to worry, though -- you'll have ample opportunity to improve lap times. NASCAR 2000 features customization options including transmissions (automatic or manual), wheel locks, wedging, and tire pressures. The latter is important as a lower pressure will give you better handling, but a higher pressure results in better top speeds. Needless to say, altering these options will help players turn in better lap times; especially throughout the various track/weather conditions.

NASCAR 2000 also features interactive pit stops. When you pull into pit row, you'll be able to tell the crew chief what you want done to the vehicle -- fix damages, refueling, and putting on new tires. In an attempt to get a better pit time, you'll need to press the correct button on the controller in conjunction with the scrolling on-screen buttons. In a sport like this, every millisecond counts!