NFL Gameday 2000

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The NFL GameDay series, which made its debut on the PlayStation in 1995, reaches its fifth installment with NFL GameDay 2000. Returning from 1998's NFL GameDay 99 are the 3D polygonal graphics, commentary from Dick Enberg and Phil Simms, support for the Dual Shock Analog Controller and the option to create your own athletes. New features include multiple TV angles, a Play Editor, 200 motion-captured moves and 1,240 plays designed by 32 players from around the league.

Phil Simms will expand his analysis and commentary duties with a telestrator, which means you'll be able to watch as key players are circled and lines are drawn on the screen to illustrate certain matchups. Both Simms and Enberg will offer the play-by-play throughout five game modes: Practice, Preseason, Season, Tournament and the new General Manager mode.

Practice involves choosing formations and plays on either offense or defense as you work on your timing. You can also select custom plays designed from the Play Editor in order to determine their effectiveness before trying them out in a real game. Since there is no time limit in Practice mode, you can repeat each play as many times as you need.

After working out the kinks in the Practice mode, players can compete against a rival team in a Preseason game. Options available before the kickoff include adjustable weather conditions, using modified rosters, changing the stadium, or having the game count toward your User Records profile. By turning the latter feature on, games played under your name will be recorded and saved to memory card.

Season mode lets you create players, perform trades (that may be rejected if deemed unfair), sign or release free agents, and enter a six-round draft to fill your roster with players at six positions: quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, linebackers, defensive linemen and defensive backs.

Players who own NCAA GameBreaker 2000 will also be able to draft any of their college seniors already saved to memory card. Of course, if you would rather have the computer handle your draft, you are free to do so. Another new feature designed to offer you more control over team management is the salary cap. Each player is assigned a dollar value, so adding those expensive star athletes will cut into your available budget to field a team!

The 16-game Season mode has you playing as one team following the 1999 NFL schedule; win enough games and you will become eligible for the playoffs and possibly the Super Bowl. Statistics accumulated during a season can be saved to a memory card (four blocks are required), and top performers may earn the right to compete in the Pro Bowl at the end of the year.

For those who can't get enough of playing through the Season mode, a General Manager mode is included to let you play consecutive years with the same team (similar to the Dynasty Mode first seen in Electronic Arts' NCAA Football 98). This involves assuming the role of a head coach and making personnel changes each year, such as replacing veterans with free agents, deciding which rookies make the team and keeping everything within the salary cap. Perform well and you won't get fired!

NFL GameDay 2000 also includes a Tournament mode for either eight or sixteen players. Each player enters his or her name and then competes against a friend in their assigned bracket. Winning each game brings players one step closer to the championship! Other features of note include throwback jerseys, support for eight players with two Multi-Tap adapters, weekly awards based on performance, multi-game injuries, two game modes (Arcade and Simulation) and four difficulty levels.