Pac-Man Fever

  • $7.60

Namco enters the "party game" genre with the release of Pac-Man Fever, a four-player board game featuring over 30 different competitive events playable in two different modes. Players will drive as many golf balls as they can over a lava-filled moat, race to collect as many knights as possible by throwing them down a well, hit pitches toward a specific target using a baseball bat, and more as they build their point totals to win redemption tickets within the specified time limit. Each ticket earned can be used to purchase an individual mini-game for play in the aptly titled Mini-Game mode.

The roster of six characters incorporates a variety of Namco's video game franchises, so in addition to Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man, players will be able to compete as or against miniature versions of their favorite Ridge Racer, Tekken, and Soul Calibur characters. Each of the three included boards offers a different theme: space, medieval times, or a tropical setting. Three different game lengths are also available, allowing players to customize the number of squares found on each board. The object of the game is to be the first player to reach the final space.

The number of squares each player can move is determined by the results of a mini-game, with the winner moving the furthest. Landing on certain squares also earns players tokens, which can be stolen by other players or by the mischievous ghosts roaming around. Leftover tokens at the end of the game can be redeemed for additional redemption tickets. A number of other squares are also available, allowing players to purchase extra moves or to enter a raffle for more tickets. At certain times players might get "stuck" in the game, forcing them to achieve a certain rank in a mini-game to continue moving.

The featured mini-games are classified into five areas: Button Matching, Shooting, Collecting, Sports, and Driving. The ultimate goal for players is to purchase all of the mini-games found within the title, which will activate the special VIP screening room, unlock a Decathlon Mode, and recover a special trophy stolen by the Pac-Man ghosts. The Decathlon Mode lets players participate in a contest spanning 10 randomly chosen mini-games. Players also have the option to enter a Pentathlon for five consecutive mini-games. No matter which option is selected, each player's progress, tickets earned, and high scores can all be saved to memory card.