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Unravel a mystery that traverses the realms of the living and beyond in the classic PlayStation 2 exclusive game Primal. This PS2 title features advanced AI programming, realistic motion capture-based fighting sequences, and seamless cut scenes. Change between human and demon forms with unique abilities to solve puzzles, and advance the quest to solve the central mystery. Released in 2003, this title is an essential game for players who pride themselves on a well-rounded backlog. Primal stands out as a puzzle platform game by fully leveraging the unique power of the Sony PlayStation 2 gaming console. In this video game, you play as 21-year-old Jen, a waitress who has overcome a rough past that includes losing her parents at a young age and having to learn how to survive. Her boyfriend Lewis is a singer in a band who is taken by dark forces soon after he begins to have nightmares. Now, it is up to Jen, the only witness to the supernatural forces at work, to find and save him. After beginning her journey, she teams up with Scree, a living gargoyle, to solve puzzles and fight the waiting enemies. The player can change between these characters freely to help overcome obstacles and change perspectives across four different dark realms that range from an underwater world to a medieval village. As Jen progresses in her journey to recover her lost love, she gains abilities through the changing of different forms. Each form has unique abilities that are advantageous not only during fierce combat but also to progress the player beyond certain game-advancing obstacles. Combat in this PlayStation release involves the use of finishing moves and draining the defeated enemies of their residual life energy. Sidekick Scree can store this energy for when it's needed later on for use by the various demon forms. If the gargoyle's reserves run low, the player must then rely on finding energy crystals scattered randomly throughout the realms. When taking the form of the gargoyle, the player is invulnerable to damage and can climb walls to overcome obstacles. Transitions in this game are quite smooth as a result of technically advanced dynamic disc loading. This allows Primal to have a larger world full of captivating environmental effects and smoother play. This also allows for seamless cut scenes to be better integrated into the game without jarring load screens interrupting play. The advanced motion capture fighting action in Primal is also enhanced because of the PlayStation 2's advancements in technology. Listed as one of the major classics in the catalog of PS2 games, the compelling story and unique character switching stand out. The advanced techniques that allowed grander features to load quickly make for an enjoyable gaming experience that keeps the story moving. Primal, rated M for Mature, is one of the earliest 3D incarnations of the puzzle platforming genre, giving it a special place in PS2 history.