Reel Fishing III

  • $6.60

In Reel Fishing III, the first title in the series to be released for the PlayStation 2, players assume control of a remote fishing lodge which includes food, shelter, books with instructions on nearly every facet of fresh-water fishing, and even a dog. A tutorial offers help on casting, twitching, trolling, playing the fish, and setting the hook for bluegill and bass. As gameplay proceeds, various aspects "unlock," such as lure and bait fishing, fly fishing, using two types of livewell (aerated for river and stream fish and unaerated for stillwater catches), letting fish mature for future release, and more.

The desk in the lodge serves as the central hub of activity in the lodge and includes a list of fishing locations, a fish guide with photos of each type and size caught in the game, a catch list showing weight and length, save games, and options. The desk contains a letter tray filled with mail concerning a variety of topics such as challenges, "how-to" guides, tasks to complete in order to open new fishing holes, and important tips. The tackle room features tips on flies, floats, rods, bait, and lures, as well as a 22-piece puzzle requiring successful completion of challenges.

Gameplay consists of completing 18 stages encompassing locales like the pier, mountain streams, shallows, waterfall basin, woods, misty cove, old bridge, and salmon river, with each requiring a specific challenge. Tasks run the gamut from catching ten fish of any type, a certain number of fish of various types, or a Deep-bodied Crucian Carp of 12 inches to catching a 30-inch brown trout, a large Bighead Carp or the "Legendary Monster Fish." Reel Fishing III also features use of the vibration feedback of the DualShock Analog Controller to gauge fish strength and line tension.