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Tecmo revisits a character from the arcades, NES, and Atari Lynx in this new 3D adventure for the PlayStation 2. Players take on the role of legendary warrior Rygar as he fights mythological beasts and foes throughout locales inspired by Ancient Greece. The island of Argus has plunged into chaos with the abduction of Princess Harmonia at the mighty hands of the Titans. Equipped with a multipurpose shield called the Diskarmor, Rygar sets out to free Princess Harmonia from captivity and restore peace to his home. 

As Rygar advances through shrines, coliseums, and mysterious labyrinths, he will develop new moves and abilities. Rygar can learn to slide to squeeze through narrow passageways, stomp on enemies or objects, push or lift items, and use the Diskarmor to hang from ledges, grapple onto objects and then swing across chasms. Attacks involve pressing various button combinations, the result of which vary depending on the Diskarmor's abilities at the time. Rygar can power-up his magical shield and use it as a projectile weapon as well as for defense.

Rygar can also call upon the help of familiars to assist in battles, such as Cerberus or a Siren, to burn or to freeze enemies. Up to four relics called mystic stones can be acquired and attached to the Diskarmor to increase Rygar's attack and defense or to grant him added abilities. Defeating enemies and smashing objects will reveal power-ups and points used to enhance the Diskarmor as well as equipped familiars and mystic stones. As players advance through levels by breaking magic seals and defeating enemies, they must defeat a series of boss characters until Princess Harmonia is found. The Moscow International Symphony Orchestra helps bring the action to life with an original soundtrack featuring soprano singer Izzy Cooper.