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Hasbro Interactive's best-selling computer title based on one of the world's most famous word games has made the translation to the PlayStation with real-time 3D graphics and support for up to four players. As with the two previous CD-ROM games, Scrabble for the PlayStation even contains the Merriam Webster's Official Scrabble Player's Dictionary, 3rd Edition, so players can look up definitions to certain words (not all are available, however) and determine if a word actually exists.

For those unfamiliar with the board game from which this title is based, Scrabble involves forming words using wooden tiles representing individual letters. These tiles are then placed into rows on a board made up of 225 spaces. Each letter is worth a certain point value, and some of the spaces will offer specific bonuses if you manage to build off them. The player with the most points after all the tiles have been placed on the board is considered the winner. The PlayStation version follows this same format, but with automatic scoring and a computer opponent named Maven with eight selectable difficulty levels.

Players can choose from three modes of play: Normal, Solitaire or Tournament. Normal mode lets you challenge up to three human or computer players as you try to show off your word building skills. Solitaire mode, on the other hand, has solo gamers trying to play through all of the tiles until they can no longer form words. Achieve a strong enough score and your name will be entered on the High Score charts! Tournament, the final mode, lets two, three or four players compete in a series of three games. The winner is the player with the highest cumulative score.

Scrabble for the PlayStation will save each player's name and score after every game as long as there is a memory card inserted with at least two blocks free. Don't have time to play a complete game? No problem! Players can save a game in progress and return to it another time. The following settings are also available to customize gameplay: multiple tile sets; time limits with penalty points taken away for exceeding the allotted time; losing turns for playing invalid words (on or off); having the computer auto-pick tiles instead of the player manually selecting them; and turning off some the graphic features to speed up the computer AI.