Shadow Man

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Poor Mike LeRoi; a promising English literature student from New Orleans who too soon will fall prey to human weaknesses. It will end up costing him his very soul.

He flunks out of college and blows all his tuition money on betting and booze. To hide his shame from his family, he takes a job as a taxi cab driver in Chicago.

One night, fate decides to test Mike LeRoi once again. After one of his passengers is murdered gangland style, he discovers 20,000 dollars in the back seat of his cab. He returns to New Orleans and lavishes his family with gifts, sharing all of his newfound wealth. Unfortunately, the gang the money belongs to tracks him down, wanting their money or retribution.

Fearing for his own life, Mike LeRoi seeks out a Voodoo priest called a Bokor, to help protect him from the gang. And protect him it did, but not his poor family. After a drive-by shooting, everyone in Mike LeRoi's family is killed. Miraculously he is left in a coma.

When he finally comes to, he has no memories of his past or who he was. All he knows is that he must return to the Bokor. Unknown to Mike LeRoi, the price for the protection spell was his very soul. Soon he becomes a hitman called Zero for the Bokor.

Then one night Mama Nettie, a very powerful but dying Voodoo priestess, finds Mike at the Bokor's bar called the Wild at Heart. She takes him to the back room and with her remaining powers forcibly implants the Mask of Shadows into his chest, turning him into a super-powered zombie-warrior under her control. He becomes the Shadow Man, Lord of the Deadside and protector of our world, Liveside. 

Developed by Acclaim, Shadow Man promises to be one terrifying game. As Mike LeRoi, a man cursed with the powers and responsibility of the Shadow Man, you must collect the Dark Souls that are spread throughout Liveside and Deadside. If you don't, the mighty Legion will amass an unstoppable army of the damned and take over both worlds.

All you have are your wits, weapons and Voodoo powers. Will they be enough to stop Legion and save the two worlds you are forced to protect? Only you have the answers.