Spawn: Armageddon

  • $19.90

After proving his mettle as a fighter in Soul Calibur II, Todd McFarlane's Spawn continues his Xbox exploits in a third-person 3D shooter set in gritty streets and alleyways of New York City. The focus of the game is combat, where Spawn can use three different methods of attack: hell powers, weapons, and hand-to-hand maneuvers. In addition to fighting enemies, Spawn must also find ways to traverse the 3D levels by jumping, gliding with his cape, or using his chains to latch onto higher ledges. The chains also come into play during melee encounters, where the troubled comic book hero can attach them to enemies before ripping them apart, lifting them into the air, or finishing them off with his axe known as Agony.

To fight enemies at a distance, Spawn can equip himself with machine guns, chain guns, shotguns, and more powerful variants. Hell powers complement the ranged and hand-to-hand attacks by providing players with additional offensive or defensive capabilities. Hell Speed, for example, alters the flow of time, slowing down the action so players can attack multiple foes at once, while the Necroplasm Ball fires a charged mass of energy toward opponents for substantial damage. The game consists of seven main areas, each spanning multiple levels, with the majority taking place within New York City. Yet players will also journey to hell and heaven during their adventure. Enemies consist of creatures from the underworld and beyond, as well as archrivals the Curse and Violator.