Steel Reign

  • $11.75

This 3D shooter features eleven different tanks (tracked or hovering) and armored cars, each of them varying in design, ammunition capacity, rate of speed, size, special weapon of choice, and shield and armor strength. You can play either the Arcade or the Quest mode. The Arcade mode lets you switch out vehicles between each level and find bonus tank power-ups, which allow you access to new tanks. In the Quest mode, you must stick with the same tank the entire game and carry weapons and tank conditions throughout all the levels. In both modes of play, you can set the degree of control for aiming and targeting, carry two different weapons simultaneously, and use a radar map for revealing enemies, obstacles, etc. 

The ten stages of play take place in an occupied city, a war-torn forest, an enemy airbase, a series of deep canyons, treacherous wastelands, and other war-time locations. Each level has a specific mission. Most of the action during these missions consist of blowing helicopters and jets out of the sky, shooting enemy tanks, and destroying key enemy locations such as buildings, power substations, oil rigs, and a satellite uplink center. You must also avoid enemy fire, landmines, and other things hazardous to the health of your armored vehicle. In addition to the standard one-player game, a two-player head-to-head mode is also available.