Super Bust-A-Move 2

  • $9.60

It's time for more bubble-popping action in Super Bust-A-Move 2. As in earlier Bust-A-Move games, players face a fixed screen with several differently colored bubbles at the top and a bubble-launching shooter at the bottom. One at a time, the player is given a different colored bubble to shoot into the puzzle mix. The object is to aim the spheres to form patterns in the mix above, causing three or more touching bubbles of the same color to disappear. As more bubbles are launched from the bottom of the screen, the puzzle mix above gradually drops, forcing the player to continually clear out the lower layers of spheres to avoid being squished. In addition to familiar single- and two-player game types, this version of features a new Edit Mode, which allows Bust-A-Movers to design and play their own puzzle boards.