Super Mario Land 3: Wario Land

  • $20.90

Mario's dastardly doppelganger has his first starring role in this surprise entry in the Super Mario Land series on Game Boy. Picking up where Super Mario Land 2 left off, the selfish Wario does what he does best: getting his grubby mitts on all things shiny and sparkly. Wario's goal in Super Mario Land 3 is to collect as much treasure as he can to build as large a castle as he can. Wario controls a bit differently than Mario. Not only is he much slower, but running into enemies is not a problem for the burly protagonist: colliding with creatures merely knocks them on their backs. Wario can then pick up the incapacitated enemies and throw them. 

Wario's other moves include climbing, swimming, jumping, charging, and performing special techniques after finding magic caps throughout the pirate-infested realm of Kitchen Island. The jet cap increases his speed, the dragon cap lets him shoot fire from his nose, and the bull cap makes him stronger and able to latch onto ceilings. Explore all 40 of the island's side-scrolling courses while visiting such mouth-watering locales as Sherbet Land, Parsley Woods, Rice Beach, and Syrup Castle. Wario Land also features battery backup to save your progress and collected treasures.