Supercar Street Challenge

  • $3.45

Though Supercar Street Challenge features real-life vehicles, these cars are not of the sort one sees while running errands around town or heading out to the mall. These are true state-of-the-art uber-cars, once available only to ultra-wealthy, fervently devoted auto aficionados. Thanks to Activision, incredibly rare and exclusive machines like the Callaway C12, the Fioravanti F100, and the Pagani Zonda C12-5 are now available to PS2 gamers as well, at least in virtual form. 

Outrageous engineering calls for outrageous driving and players will have the ability to tear through city streets and back alleys at speeds approaching 200 mph. This high velocity demands tight control and precise handling, as the vehicles can suffer damage if they're put through too many tight scrapes. The realistic display of speed and power in Supercar Street Challenge is tempered with more forgiving arcade-styled gameplay designed to keep the experience as enjoyable as it is realistic.