Supercross 2000

  • $4.45

You throttle your engine, the bikes beside you are roaring and ready to let fly. The starting light turns green and you hit the gas, sending your bike flying over the initial jump at Bank One Ballpark. The rest of the field tries to find their bearings after being blown away by your aggressive start. You fly around corners, shredding up the dirt which paves the course. Your arch-rival closes in, but you cut him off on the sharp "hairpin" turn and he's left spinning out on the side. You throttle up and do a little show-boating for the crowd as the checkered flag is waved in your honor! If you thought that little teaser sounded good, then brace yourself for Supercross 2000 for the PlayStation.

Featuring all of the trimmings, this hard-hitting simulation of the world which is Supercross will hold no punches. You'll be able to race through season modes with one or two players involved in the competition. Although, you can just have a friendly race and play with yourself if you wish. Deciding who you want to be is also a challenge, as 24 top Supercross and freestyle stars have been included for your racing pleasure. What are those freestyle racers for? How about a freestyle jump-off where you pull of tricks and maneuvers to impress the fickle fans and hard-nosed judges!

You like your racing to look real eh? How about real physics for all of the motorbikes so racers will actually jump and land with the proper acceleration and angle. In the jump-off, the players will sail over jumps and execute their tricks with the same confidence of their real-life counterparts. The views of the action are even authentic, with exclusive fly-bys and a stunt cam/PIP view. Also, announcers Art Eckman and David Bailey will be calling the action just like they do on ESPN! 

You'll also experience the full feeling of control as racers will actually jump, throttle and turn much like they do in actual races. Stunts such as "Nac-Nacs", "Supermans" and "No-Handers" can also be pulled off with the push of a single button. All of this is teamed with the Dual Shock Controller, which adds vibration and analog support to the game.

If you're ready for some authentic EA SPORTS Supercross action then grab your controller and get to the starting line!