Time Crisis: Crisis Zone

  • $19.90

[GunCon 2 not included]

This third Time Crisis game designed for PlayStation 2 sets the light-gun shooter action in a busy commercial district in the suburbs of London. A group of terrorists has taken over a building, but little else is known of their true purpose, as the player's crack shot hero arrives at the scene with orders to liberate the market square and resolve the situation by any means necessary. Backgrounds and environments designed to be more detailed and interactive in this version of Time Crisis, and players will be able to break windows, blast through doors, perforate metal walls, and even shoot up the books, CDs, clothing, and other merchandise on various store shelves. PS2 gamers with two of Namco's GunCon 2 light gun accessories can use them both at once in this game, to serve up some action hero-styled double-fisted justice.