Walt Disney World Quest: Magical Racing Tour

  • $13.75

The Fireworks Machine at Walt Disney World has blown apart, and its pieces are scattered throughout thirteen of the rides at the park. Of course, the rides are now racetracks, and it's up to you to maneuver your go-kart through popular attractions like Space Mountain, Tomorrowland Speedway, and the Test Track at Epcot. Play as Chip, Dale, and ten other brand new Disney characters, as well as the eminently helpful Jiminy Cricket.

Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour boasts more playable characters than any kart racer before it (a total of 13 are offered), and each of the game's tracks allows you to maneuver a different vehicle. Instead of being confined to just a go-kart, you'll get a bobsled, or a rocket ship, and several others. Collect a myriad of power-ups to your vehicle such as Mickey coins which allow you to race a little faster with each additional coin you collect. Or use the guided bottle rocket to get a speed boost and home in on your opponent. You can also collect items that can be used against your opponents like the frog spell, which will leave them hopping in your dust. Or launch an acorn at them and send them flying out of control.

Magical Racing Tour also features a VS mode where you can challenge a friend (or enemy) to sudden death, go-kart style. Zip around thirteen different arenas, collecting weapons and power-ups to obliterate your neighbor. The Time Trial mode allows you to familiarize yourself with each of the tracks without other competitors, while you race against the clock.

Stuck at any point? Jiminy Cricket not only provides much of the narration on your quest, but he also dispenses racing tips free of charge.