Wheel of Fortune [Greatest Hits]

  • $4.45

The famous wheel finally spins its way onto the PlayStation in this translation of the hit television game show. Wheel of Fortune features video clips and speech of host Vanna White (Pat Sajak is not included) as up to three players compete for cash and prizes. Games can be customized to last 15 minutes, 10 minutes, 20 minutes, or between three to five rounds. A new twist comes in the form of the Solo Game, which allows you the chance to play without other contestants stealing your thunder. The catch is that you only have eight turns before the game ends. For every incorrect guess, bankrupt or lose-a-turn space you land on, you're forced to use one of your remaining free spins.

Over 2,000 puzzles designed by the show's writers are included, but you don't have to worry about them repeating if you have a memory card; the game will keep track of your progress as well as the top five scores for each different mode you play. Wheel of Fortune also features high-resolution graphics, vibration feedback while spinning the wheel, and digitized pictures of the various prizes (such as hang gliders or paddle boats) if you're lucky enough to land on the space. Other options include choosing set locations, the amount of videos displayed (normal or minimal), the timer speed (normal, fast or slow) and volume levels of both sound and video.