World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks

  • $7.60

World Destruction League: Thunder Tanks is a post-apocalyptic demolition derby, disguised as a sport dedicated to organizing exciting tank battles all over the planet. It's 2062 and the biggest TV show in history is about to broadcast nine of the best monster tank competitors, each with their own unique tank, battling for supremacy in Tournament mode or one of four Skirmish gameplay modes: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, Frenzy, and Family. Multiplayer action allows two human players to go head-to-head with up to three additional computer-controlled players per team in split-screen mayhem.

Features include continuations from a memory card or via input codes received at the end of each level, six control configurations, and three unmanned "drone" tanks to mix up the action. Vehicle enhancements run the gamut from guided missiles, shock rings, plasma bolts, shields, laser cannons, grenade launchers, teleporters, and mines to power-ups of health, nukes, ammunition, auto-fire, repairs, radar, and more. AI opponent strength can be set to easy, normal, or hard, and auto-cannons or drones can be turned off in Skirmish mode. Campaign mode consists of 12 rounds, and games are "broadcast" by two wacky commentators.