Yu Yu Hakusho Dark Tournament

  • $20.90

Based on a popular Japanese anime of the same name, Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament offers multiple one-on-one fighting modes, in which each character (25 in all) should be easily recognizable by fans of the series. Similar to Atari's previous anime-to-video game release, Dragon Ball Z: Budokai, Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament uses cel-shaded graphics for its characters to create a more immersive, cartoon-like experience.

Each character comes equipped with his or her own special abilities, such as signature attacks and powerful "Spirit Attacks." Along with the various one-on-one modes are "Arcade" and "Survival" modes that introduce progressively more difficult opponents as the player advances through them. Additionally, a "Team-Play" mode will have players fighting alongside up to five other characters, taking part in battles in which to the winner go special cards, that can be used in an entirely separate, strategic "Card Game" mode.